What’s in a Name?

I’ve been working on a chapter of Maya Threads: A Woven History of Chiapas that delves into some deep history. The stories in the chapter are based on exquisitely detailed images carved in stone at Yaxchilan in eastern Chiapas some 1300 years ago. Relevant to the book, the carvings illustrate the textiles being worn at […]

An Easter Parade

Coincidentally, I’ve spent parts of the past three Easter seasons in either Mexico or Guatemala. Compared to the sedate Easters of my childhood or the flurries of Peeps and candy eggs I see now at every turn, what I’ve experienced in Latin America is dramatic, moving, sometimes startling. Let me share. A church in a […]

Guatemala Visited

I’ve been back from a couple of weeks in Guatemala, working with Joe Coca on a photo shoot for a book that Deborah Chandler and Teré Cordón are writing. I’ve ransacked my shelves and stacks of books, looking for a slim volume published in 1946 titled Guatemala Visited. The author was Mary Meigs Atwater, who is credited […]

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