The Name Game, or The Road to Marrakesh


What’s in a Name? Naming books is hard. I think it used to be easier, back in the day when people walked into bookstores and scanned their eyes over actual books, and could go to their section of choice, see the sizes and cover designs and pick up and flip through ones that looked interesting. […]

Mending Our Ways


A few years ago, I read an article by Augusta Strand, a conservator at Uppsala University in Sweden, about a medieval book that had been mended with silk thread. Tears and holes that had formed when the parchment was made in the fifteenth century had actually been embroidered with colorful silk. Blemish became beauty. The conservators at the […]

Hands That Tell the Story


Navajo weaver Irene Clark sits before her loom, her fingers gently weaving weft through warp, beating the thread with a comb that belonged to her mother. As she shares her life with us, pointing to photographs of rugs she’s woven over the decades, piles of wool dyed with lichen and sage, battens made by her […]

A Bond Between Peoples of the World

A Bond between People Written above the entrance to the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, are these important words: “The art of the craftsman is a bond between the peoples of the world.” And that’s what the Museum of International Folk Art is all about—connecting people with the arts, traditions, and […]

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