2017: Moments to Remember

» We’re very close to sending Maya Gods & Monsters to press, when we get a frantic message from our author, Carol Karasik: “Wait! A lot of those little designs around the edges are Aztec, not Maya! Not to mention that calendar wheel!” We do a hasty but thorough search for strictly Maya motifs, and find […]

The Longest Night

The winter solstice, that longest night of the year, happens next week. And as with any change of season, it will be celebrated in a variety of ways around the world. Of course, Stonehenge is one of the most highly prized locations to be on the solstice because of how the stones create a perfect […]

Gifts of the Giving Kind

Highlands Christmas.

If you’re searching for a meaningful gift this holiday season–a gift that celebrates traditions, cultures, and craft–we have just a few suggestions! This year, Thrums Books published four beautiful books that explore textiles in Peru, Afghanistan, and Laos, and a quirky little gem of Maya folktales. But beyond the textiles, you’ll discover cultural heritage, the […]

Textiles That Talk

A lot of textile books come my way: scholarly tomes, museum extravaganzas, technique how-tos, and much more. But I don’t think I’ve ever laid hands on a book quite like Maid, Mother, Crone and the Rabbit Net. First, there’s the time span. It starts in 525 CE, jumps to 1875, then to 1953 and present […]

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