A Morality of Cloth

for Linda and Deborah

Old friends corresponding
in two languages amusingly mistake the word
morals (those particular values of right and wrong)
with morrales (those lovely bags of Mesoamerica).
One writes:
“Would that we could create morals from strong thread and skilled hands.”

But what could be more moral than thread spun
in memory of ancestors, eased
through looms the length
of history, woven—or knitted or knotted—
into patterns shaped by mountains, yours
and mine, by rivers, by stones, and with colors
from my fields and yours, the principled work

Earth Day
of our hands always reaching for dignity, a certain truth.
Fine threads will always find a better design,
even if it’s only in a strong little bag
to carry our dreams.

















Thrums Booksprincipled work from skilled hands

Traditional Weavers of Guatemala


2 thoughts on “A Morality of Cloth

  1. Cece Yelek says:

    What a wonderful way to phrase those thoughts! It will keep my mind spinning all afternoon!!

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