Beyond the Stones of Machu Picchu: Folk Tales and Stories of Inca Life

Beyond the Stones of Machu PicchuBy Elizabeth Conrad Van Buskirk,
Paintings by Angel L. Callanaupa Alvarez
Paperback | 112 Pages
ISBN: 9780983886051

Andean village life is vibrantly depicted through folk tales, stories, and art in this compendium of South American culture with a special focus on the famous Andean practice of weaving and other textile arts.The stories and paintings exhibited within takea rare, in-depth look into South American native people, their customs, everyday lives, incidents of change, and profound appreciation and celebration of the natural world, bringing forth Incan rituals and beliefs about the living earth (Pacha Mama), the majestic mountains worshipped as Apus, the sky and its black constellations, the meanings attached to sacred water, the events of nature and ever-changing climate, and the stages of life and growth. Stories include “The Gift of Quinoa,” “The Bear Prince,” and “The First Haircutting,” all interspersed with distinguished, imaginative, and expansive paintings that vividly illustrate scenesof little-known but time-honored traditions, like the annual Pilgrimage to the Ice Mountain, the ceremony of Qoyllu Riti, Star of the Snow, and other events that mark the life of Inca people in the past and today.”


Smithsonian Folklife Festival

North Country Public Radio


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