Textile Fiestas of Mexico: A Traveler’s Guide to Celebrations, Markets, and Smart Shopping

Textile Fiestas of MexicoBy Sheri Brautigam
Paperback | 120 pages
200 color photographs, map, glossary, and index
ISBN: 9780996447584

Wander through marketplaces of remote villages in Chiapas, dance with pineapple-laden girls in Oaxaca City, and parade with locals through the streets of Uruapan at the Palm Sunday Fair—all in search of traditional textiles. Textiles Fiestas of Mexico is at once a celebration of Mexican folklife and a practical guide to finding the best collector textiles in the country.

Textile Fiestas of Mexico offers smart advice on where to go and how to get there, focusing on safety and comfort for visitors who don’t want the stresses and schedules of traditional tour groups. Brautigam shares insider tips from her extensive travels in Mexico and her expert textile knowledge, including a guide for ethical shopping. Her vibrant photographs illustrate the adventure and will inspire you to travel along.

Sheri Brautigam owned a textile design studio in San Francisco for twenty years. She has worked as an English Language Fellow for the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, and as a serious collector and purveyor of fine indigenous textiles from Mexico and Guatemala. She sells collector-quality textiles through her online shop, Living Textiles of Mexico, and writes a blog, Living Textiles of Mexico.

Reviews & Press

Midwest Book Review: “Textile Fiestas of Mexico is a carnival for the senses, inviting travelers to explore the world of traditional and handmade textiles and crafts in many parts of Mexico.”

Amazon Reviews: “. . . full of useful information for the traveler who wants to visit the places described (hotels, restaurants, artisans) as well as interesting and helpful information about the textiles available in each of the places. It’s different than many travel books because of the passion and personalities of the writers reflected in each discussion.”
“If you love Mexico and Mexican textiles this is your “Go to” book for exploring more of these hidden treasures!”

Zapotec Master Weaver, Porfirio Gutierrez
“I wanted to take a moment to thank you guys so much for this such of wonderful publication.
I think the most important thing that this sector needs is exactly what you have done here, a traveler’s guide that helps educate and locate artisans so they can sale their goods and can keep their tradition alive. Thank you!!
As an artisan I experience first-hand the struggle to educate people about natural dyes and to find a market that can support the survival of authentic Zapotec weavings. Norma, you did a very good job explaining about the natural dyes.
Deeply appreciate your help to educate the world about our tradition, this will benefit lots of artists like my family who is trying to preserve our ancient tradition!” –Porfirio


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