Building Bridges

The season of thanksgiving is upon us again. High on my list of gratitudes is the work we are able to do at Thrums Books—all that we are able to learn from our authors, from artisans around the world who have inspired us, taught us, and shared their work, their lives. And also the friends we have made along the way who have helped, encouraged, and supported our work of sharing global textile traditions.
In Gina Valdés’s book of poems Puentes y fronteras (Bridges and Borders), she writes:
There are so many borders
that divide people,
but for every border
there is also a bridge.

I hope it isn’t too bold to think of each Thrums book as a bridge. All the tensile strands of thread and story weaving a fabric that connects art to artist, culture to culture, tradition to today, hand to heart.

For all the bridges built, the span of those to come, and for this gathered company, I give thanks.


Linda with new friends in China.
Fadma Wadal
Susan Schaefer Davis with Fadma Wadal while working on her forthcoming book Women Artisans of Morocco. Photo by Joe Coca.
Rangina Hamidi’s sister Zarmina and niece Mena sharing Embroidering within Boundaries at the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe.
Rug hooking artisans from Multicolores Guatemal finding inspiration in our book Faces of Tradition. Photo by Joe Coca.
Comparing hats on Taquile Island, Peru.
Young Navajo weaver in Canyon de Chelly.
A weaver in Saleui, Laos. Photo by Joe Coca.
Rosmery, a rug-hooking artisan from Multicolores Guatemala. Photo by Joe Coca.


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  1. Deborah Chandler says:

    Thanks, Karen. Thrums Books is on my list of things I am grateful for, right after all the people who make up the Thrums family. You know who you are.

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