Celebrating Textiles in Mexico— Having Fun and Working Hard

Sheri Brautigam is a woman who seems to have perfected the balance between having fun and working hard. And that balance is one of my favorite things about the travel guide she’s just written for Thrums Books, Textile Fiestas of Mexico–A Traveler’s Guide to Celebrations, Markets, and Smart Shopping.

Sheri Brautigam sharing sneak peeks of her new book at the Weave a Real Peace annual meeting in Santa Fe last month.

Just looking at the cover of the book makes me want to celebrate. It’s fun, colorful, lively. And I know a good time when I see one! Sheri’s vibrant photos of dancing girls and gorgeous textiles, and the fun details—like eating homemade tortillas stuffed with cheese, squash blossoms, and mushrooms at the Reed Basket Fair in San Juan Guelavía—embellish Textile Fiestas of Mexico. The smart and practical advice from a veteran traveler and an experienced textile collector, is its foundation.

Textile Fiestas of Mexico
Contestants in the Queen of the Huipil competition at the annual Coffee and Huipil Fair in Cuetzelan, Mexico

Sheri shepherds you from festival to fair to marketplace and provides super-useful details along the way. At the Coffee and Huipil Fair in Cuetzalan you receive a tutorial about which collector-quality textiles you’ll find available and how to track them down. And what other guide will tell you about the word-of-mouth-only tour operators in San Cristóbal, Chiapas and what cathedral to meet them at for a ride out of town? Or what side street grocery shop in Tenejapa sells the best morrales (bags)?

Textile Fiestas of Mexico
Town officials in Tenejapa, Chiapas, Mexico.

What shines through in all of this fun and smart guidance is Sheri’s love for Mexico, its people, and their textiles. Sheri began her love affair with Mexico as a college student, studying in Mexico City, and it continues through today, as she sells collector-quality textiles from Mexico through her online shop, Living Textiles of Mexico.

Join Sheri Brautigam on a rollicking textile adventure through Mexico and get ready to celebrate!


Textile Fiestas of MexicoTextile Fiestas of Mexico is available for pre-order at Amazon, ClothRoads, and your favorite bookshop.

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  2. Lena Bartula says:

    I’m so looking forward to this book. and now, to the coffee and huipil festival! La Huipilista loves that combination. Maybe Sheri will be taking a tour there!

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