Fifty Years

Dear friends and business associates Barry Schacht and Jane Patrick of Schacht Spindle Company in Boulder have just celebrated 50 years in business. They did it with an all-day event of non-stop fun and fellowship, bringing together hundreds of old friends from all over the place. Weavers, spinners, equipment makers, retailers, sheep raisers, teachers, authors—quite a shindig.

Barry Schacht and Jane Patrick

I wrote a little poem for the occasion (loosely defined: no rhyme, no rhythm), and while I was writing it, what occurred to me was what a close-knit group we have been. An ecosystem of interdependent lovers of all things fiber. None of us could have thrived without the others. Here’s an excerpt from what I wrote:

We Can’t Weave Well Enough Alone

The famous Zen koan says, What is the sound of one hand clapping?
Well, what is the sound of one loom thrumming and beating in solitude?
If one lone voice in the forest sings of weaving and there is no one to hear,
Is there any song?

Making things whole takes more than thread
More than looms, more than warp and weft.
It’s those who make the looms, who make the cloth,
Who sing the songs together
Who weave their lives together,
Who make things whole.
Whole cloth.

Congratulations, Jane and Barry.


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2 thoughts on “Fifty Years

  1. Kate Colwell says:

    So many beautiful faces. Celebrating half a century of life affirming work.
    Thanks for the photos and poetry Linda. Glad it’s a fun party.

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