Maya Threads: After a Book is Born

ChiapasCover_proof-1Maya Threads: A Woven History of Chiapas
was more than three years in the making for me, and many more years than that for author Chip Morris and his co-author Carol Karasik. A very long gestation period, you might say. So now, finally, the book is off press, copies are in the national distributor’s warehouse, it’s in the Thrums Books warehouse, it’s up on Amazon. After a three months’ torturous journey southward from the printer in Canada, it’s even in Chiapas.

And like having a baby, birth is only the beginning. Now begins the real work of getting it into the hands of readers. I’ll be honest. This is not the fun part for me. Creating books is exciting, exhilerating, deeply satisfying. Selling books is just plain hard, especially in these days of disappearing bookstores and the flight of readers to free content on the internet. So I’m going to ask for your help, Dear Reader. And do I have a deal for you.

Free book!

I will send a copy of Maya Threads to the FIRST THREE readers who send their physical address to, with the message FREE BOOK. In return, you must promise to post a review of this deeply historic, gorgeously colorful book on Amazon within three weeks of receiving your copy. If you break your promise? I know where you live. As they say on tv, I’m told, “Act Now!”

(If you’re not one of the first three, ClothRoads would happily sell you a copy at 20% off for this limited offer. Just ask. Shipping additional.)       Learn More
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Party invitation!

And I invite ALL of you, each and every one, to a festive launch party in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, next Thursday night. The authors, Chip Morris and Carol Karasik, will be there. There will be live music such as you don’t often hear. There will be plenty of pox (pronounced poash, a kind of serious local liquor). There will be a Maya shaman. Maybe there will be the governor’s mother. It will be fun. You don’t even need to rsvp—just hop a plane and show up. A book is born, and we need to celebrate.

Linda Ligon

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  1. randi winters says:

    Congratulations on your new book! I would love to review it and hope I am chosen but either way I would like to read it and review it for you, I have your other books.
    thanks so much for all you do for the fiber world!

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