Mission Accomplished

ChiapasCover_proof-1I haven’t posted here in ages, but not because I’ve forgotten about Thrums Books. I’ve been up to my elbows in Maya Threads: A Woven History of Chiapas, and now it’s finally ready to go to press. I spent a good part of yesterday cleaning my desk of the loose parts – literally five reams of page proofs, two dozen file folders, a flurry of old sticky notes, their significance long forgotten.

Then there was my computer. Eighty-thousand images (no joke!) on my hard drive, scores of edited files, design proofs, all the stuff that it takes to make a book times an order of magnitude. I had to clean up my computer in a hurry because my hard drive was full. I never had that happen before.

But enough about that. It was a good workout, and it’s a good book. The Maya of Chiapas are exhuberant, private people whose textiles have roots that reach back thousands of years, but that are constantly evolving – on their own terms. You’ll see. (That is, you’ll see come February 2015. Stay tuned.)

In an earlier blog I asked you, dear reader, to help me choose a cover image. The votes were all over the place, no consensus, but your opinions were helpful nevertheless. Designer Michael Signorella chose a shot that embodies the qualities most of you responded to, and that reflects the spirit of the place and the people. Beautiful, isn’t it? It makes me want to go back. I think I will.

—Linda Ligon

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  1. Michele del Rio says:

    I will be visiting Chiapas in a couple of weeks and would love to have and read this book before hand. Where can I buy a copy? Amazon is just pre-selling.

    Thank you:

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