On the Cloth Road

Linda, our beloved photographer Joe Coca, and I have been crisscrossing vast stretches of Navajo country this last week with Navajo weavers Lynda Teller Pete and Barbara Teller Ornelas. We’ve had a grand time (and a lot of fun) taking in the gorgeous views in the fall sun, navigating muddy tracks through wild rainstorms, and best of all, spending time with some pretty phenomenal weavers—hearing their stories, catching our breath at their work. Joe may have taken a photo or two.

Rena Begay at her loom.

Soon we’ll be headed home to prepare for the big film festival that we’re sponsoring with our friends at ClothRoads. I’m happy to say that Barbara and Lynda are coming too! They will be special guests at the film festival because they’re hosting a talkback session after the movie Woven Worlds, which is a compelling look at the lives of Navajo weavers. We’ll also show some short films that feature Barbara, Lynda, and their mother Ruth Teller.

Cloth Road

But that’s just a part of the film festival. We’ll also be showing films about the mystery and magic of indigo in Japan, El Salvador, and India; silk weavers of Madagascar; the brown cotton of Louisiana; and a whole lot more. The evening film is The Shepherdess of the Glacier—a beautiful, award-winning film about a young woman who shepherds her flock of sheep and goats high in the Indian mountains all alone. I can’t wait.

And, ClothRoads will also host an all-day marketplace featuring unique handmade textiles from around the world–not just the textiles, but the stories behind each one. And speaking of stories, all of the Thrums Books titles will be available as well

Follow the cloth road and join us at the film festival next Saturday. You’ll be glad you did.






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