Sticker Shock

Benjamin Franklin

When I heard that Faces of Tradition was a finalist for a Benjamin Franklin award, I thought “Well, that is nice.” Then I thought, “Maybe I should go to the ceremony in New York in case the book wins the gold.” Then I thought, “Nah.”

I love New York, but I don’t much love ceremonies. I used to go to the Benjamin Franklin awards banquet pretty regularly, but I haven’t attended in years. Now I’m kicking myself, because we won the gold.

I wish I had been there on behalf of my team. More than most that I’ve worked on, this book was a group effort. It wasn’t just an author handing in a manuscript, or a photographer shooting a portfolio, or a designer shoving the parts around, with me waving my baton to keep everybody on tempo. It was a collaboration every step of the way. It was an organic process—whatever that means.

So here’s to Joe Coca, Michael Signorella, Nilda Callañaupa, Chris Franquemont (whom I deeply miss), to my colleagues at ClothRoads (especially marketing guru Linda Stark), the many friends at the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco who drove us all over the Andes and welcomed us into their villages, and all the other friends who have touched this book in different ways. It was a peak experience in every way.

But now to the task at hand. You know those cool stickers that you see on award-winning books? You know how they get there? Manual labor. At least until the book goes into reprint and the sticker can get printed on. At least they are not the kind of stickers you have to lick.

—Linda Ligon

11 thoughts on “Sticker Shock

  1. Jeannine says:

    This is such a wonderful book !! Congratulations to the team. I would love to get a sticker for my book also. Jeannine Glaves

  2. Gloria Miller says:

    This is so very well deserved! This book is so much about the soul of the weavers that comes through exquisitely–it is a gift to peer into their lives. It was so special to be at the WARP meeting and hear more firsthand.

  3. Deborah Chandler says:

    Oh, the bruises we all have from kicking ourselves. This one, however, is worth it. A huge huge congrats to all, and like Judy, I want one for MY copy. Deborah Chandler

  4. Judy Gilchrist says:

    How do I get a sticker for my book (a gift to me from Interweave at SOAR)? I would love to have one.
    Thanks and Congratulations to All, Judy Gilchrist

      • Judy Gilchrist says:

        Where do I send you my address? If here, will it be seen by all?
        Thanks so much for the book and the quick response!

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