On the Cloth Road

cloth road

Linda, our beloved photographer Joe Coca, and I have been crisscrossing vast stretches of Navajo country this last week with Navajo weavers Lynda Teller Pete and Barbara Teller Ornelas. We’ve had a grand time (and a lot of fun) taking in the gorgeous views in the fall sun, navigating muddy tracks through wild rainstorms, and […]

Same Path, Different Eyes

Traditional Weavers

For ten days at the beginning of March, ClothRoads and Thrums Books hosted a textile tour through Guatemala to meet the artisans of Traditional Weavers of Guatemala–Their Stories, Their Lives. The tour was led by authors Deborah Chandler and Teresa Cordón. Teresa has graciously shared with us some of her thoughts about the trip. The Adventure On […]

How A Book is Born

Sometimes, books just happen. The very first Thrums book, published in 2007, came about it that unexpected way. I had been on a tour to Cusco to visit the weaving villages of the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, director Nilda Callañaupa mentioned her interest in publishing a series of books on the textile designs […]

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