Those Little Things That Make You Laugh Inside

fabric of our lives

Our Publisher Linda Ligon posted a photograph of herself on Facebook earlier this week from her current travels in China. She’s sitting at a loom in the photo and dashed a quick a note about how Chinese and American looms work the same. Looking at her, looking at the loom, and wondering what she was working out in her mind, reminded […]

Handmade Gift Futures

A few thoughts on the holiday gift-making season I can’t find the word “crastinate” in Webster’s, but whatever its precise meaning, I’m in favor of it. You could call me a pro in fact. I’ve crastinated actively and skillfully in almost everything I’ve ever undertaken: homework, housecleaning, weeding, writing, even spinning and weaving. Regarding the […]

Spinning Yarn

Warmis Phuskadoras

Spinning Mentors Here’s something really cool. In a few weeks, high in the Bolivian Andes, a team of spinners will compete in a worldwide event to see who can spin the most yarn in a week. By competing, they are not only earning global attention and respect for their time-honored tradition of handspinning, they are ultimately […]

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