We’re Planning a Textile Tour in China–Come Join Us!

This excerpt from a recent travel guide communication just cracked me up: “The travel coach drivers in Guizhou Province (China) have the skills of a Nascar driver, the patience and gentleness of a collie dog, and the quiet charm of an Arabian prince.” Does that sound like a bit of hyperbole? Actually, it seems pretty accurate, based on my three trips to Guizhou Province over the past three years. Well, maybe not a collie dog. Maybe a cheerful Pug.

Karen, Joe, and I have been living and breathing Guizhou Province for months now, working on a book that’s co-authored by the above-mentioned travel guide, Wang Jun. We’ve lapped up the incomparable landscapes, visited artisans in their villages, drunk the rice wine, marveled at the festivals, and pondered the paradoxes where ancient and modern collide in this little-known ethnic minority province.

The book (actually two books, but that’s another story) will come out this spring, March or April, and we thought it would be fun to go back to all those places with a group of friends, and with Joe as a photography mentor. 

o we’re organizing a tour, to begin on April 3, 2020. We’re thinking of 11 days in Guizhou, with an optional 5-day extension to Beijing (Forbidden City, Great Wall, etc) and Xi’An (terra cotta warriors). Planning is in early stages, but if you’d like to know more, just send me your email with “Guizhou Tour” in the subject line: info@thrumsbooks.com. We’ll be able to accommodate only 13 people, so if you’re interested, don’t dally.


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8 thoughts on “We’re Planning a Textile Tour in China–Come Join Us!

  1. Rebecca Hoyes says:

    I would be interested in hearing more about the tour to guizhou .
    I am a uk based textile designer working in Yunnan province-keen to extend my regional knowledge.

  2. David Irving says:

    Greetings Linda,
    Can you send me the particulars on the China trip? Never been, but this would be the perfect opportunity with the textile focus.
    Many thanks!

  3. Diane says:

    Dear Linda,
    Please send me information on the spring trip to Guizhou. My husband and I would be interested.
    Thank you.

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